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"Я — открытая книга. Просто нужно знать язык, чтобы прочесть ее." (1972)

Дэвид Боуи

"We Are Hungry Men"

Here is the news
According the latest world population survey
The figures have reached danger point, my god
London 15 million 75 thousand
New York 80 million
Paris 15 million and 30
China 1000 million
Billington-Spa: lots
My studies include suffragy
I formed my own society
To study the power of fecundity
The world will overpopulate
Unless you claim infertility
So who will buy a drink for me, your Messiah 
We are not your friends 
We don't give a damn for what you're saying 
We're here to live our lives
I propose to give the pill
Free of charge to those that feel
That they are not infertible
The crops of few, the cattle gun
There's only one way to linger on
So who will buy a drink for me, your 
Achtung, achtung, these are your orders
Anyone found guilty of consuming more than their 
allotted amount of air
Will be slaughtered and cremated
One only cubic foot of air is :
I have prepared a document, legalising mass abortion
We will turn a blind eye to infanticide 
You don't seem to hear me clear
Do I talk about your sphere?
Let me explain my project dear
Show you how I'll save the world
Or let it die within the year
Why do you look that way at me, your messiah
We are hungry men
We don't give a damn for what you're saying
We're here to eat you
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